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Innovative craft production from all over the Georgia

About the Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise Ethnodesign was founded in 2015 by traditional craft association of Georgia. It has a collection of up to 90 works of craft masters from all around Georgia. Ethnodesign is social and conceptual shop, which constantly works with craft masters on creating traditional, but at the same time modern, items.
The shop was very successful and owners decided to open another one in Vardzia.

Mission of Social Enterprise

Enhance economic conditions of traditional craft masters, facilitate the development of design and quality of their products.

Goal of Social Enterprise

Ethnodesign aims to promote works of traditional craft masters of Georgia, maintaining local traditions and through developing the product improve level of competetiveness of craft works. Moreover Ethnodesign facilitates youth engagement in traditional crafting and their empoyment in that field,

Product/Service of Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise offers its customers craft items made by the masters from all over the country:

  • Accessories
  • Household items
  • Jewelry
  • Cloth accessories
  • Traditional weapons
  • Carpets
  • Souvenirs

Social Results

As a result of constant collaboration with craft masters, the enterprise improved its infrastructure and created new collections, which addresses needs of market. Both shops increased the revenue of 150 craft masters significantly. Moreover it increased engagement of young masters in traditional craft making.
Modern approaches to traditional design turned out to be appealing for local as well as foreign customers.

Contact Information

Contact Information