Social Enterprise Alliance

Becoming a member

How to join the Alliance

Legal entities willing to join the Alliance should fill up a special form and send the completed form to the e-mail address:;

The head of the organization or the authorized person shall fill the form for the legal entities willing to join the Alliance. Confirmation of a person's authority is based on a written power of attorney;
The Board shall decide on the issue of acceptance within a month after the date of receipt of the application and informs the applicant after which the applicant must pay the membership fees;
Membership will be activated from the moment of payment of membership fees.

Alliance Membership Payment Methods

  • Annual membership fees for Full members (legal entities) - 240 GEL;
  • Annual membership fees for Associated Members (Legal Entities) - 120 GEL;

Alliance membership fees can be paid twice a year or at the beginning of the year. The calculation of the year starts from the moment of payment of the first membership fee. Payment will be possible by transferring money to the Alliance bank account:
Bank account details: JSC Bank of Georgia;
Bank Code: BAGAGE22
Receiver: Social Enterprise Alliance;
Recipient account number: GE23BG0000000766555700