Social Enterprise Alliance

"Ikorta" earned title of the "Social Enterprise of the year 2023"

17 Nov

The Social Entrepreneurship Forum's primary objective is to promote the idea of social entrepreneurship and disseminate information about the sector. This platform serves as an avenue to establish and reinforce partnerships between social entrepreneurs and representatives from diverse sectors.
The Social Entrepreneurship Forum has been a significant annual event since 2012, and since 2017, it has been the platform for revealing the ‘’Social Enterprise of the Year."
The forum's highlight was the announcement of the "Social Enterprise of the Year 2023." After consideration by a seven-member jury, the finalists were "Free Space", "Edena" and "Ikorta"
The social enterprise "Ikorta" earned the prestigious title of Social Enterprise of the Year 2023, determined through a confidential voting process during the event. As part of this recognition, they received financial support to further develop the enterprise.
The social entrepreneurship forum was held within the framework of the ongoing project “Advancing Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainable and Inclusive Society”, with the support of the European Union.